Tom Cavill—designer.

Hi. I’m a designer, specifically a digital product designer, which in-short means I both design and develop software products—like web sites and mobile apps.

Currently, I’m co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Bricklane. We’re aiming to make it easier for people to get on the property ladder, using #innovation. More on that soon.

Prior to that I worked at a number of startups in the UK and US, alongside building my own products and projects. For example, in 2014 Alex Edge and I made an iOS app called Peeps. We were featured in a couple of App Stores, and were Shortlist magazine’s app of the week. Our 3rd biggest territory was Iraq, which was weird.

I also helped the British Council build an API for art events, and led a complete redesign of Danish retail company Tiger’s online presence, in time for their US launch. I help out General Store with their stuff too, often in exchange for food.

Startups I’ve worked with in the last ~3 years include MyBuilder, where I redesigned the site’s landing pages, and helped move the existing app into a responsive design; Autographer, where I designed & built a photo-sharing web app to support their innovate wearable camera; Meteor Development Group (YC S11), for whom I made a lil’ site with TableFlip to celebrate an important milestone. I built an artwork search tool for Tom Vek’s Sleevenote; and helped design the first version of’s (YC W14), (then Hasty) awesome healthy food app.

Before that I was Lead Designer for two years at, when we created one of the first 12 apps on the Spotify platform, alongside a fun social recommendations web app.

Other personal projects include the original design jobs aggregator,; the popular simple t-shirt generator Swisstees (formerly Helvetitee); and the book recommendation site Knowall.

If you’re so inclined, I’m tomcavill on most of the social networks, or cavill if I got in early enough.

Whilst unavailable for work (no exceptions), I like getting email and chatting IRL, so say hi if you want to talk about design or whatever it is you’re working on.