Tom Cavill is a digital product designer.

I'm a digital product designer. As well as creating my own products, I work with startups in London and further afield.

I have experience in the design and development of applications for mobile platforms, the web and in desktop software.

Skills / interests: UI, UX, ID, IA, HTML & CSS; Javascript (jQuery, Parse, Firebase, Meteor); Ruby (Rails); Git; Theme development for Shopify, Harmony, Tumblr; Creative direction, Project/product management; art; dogs; schnitzel.

Latest location: . The pattern above is generated from my previous Foursquare checkin. Cf. Keith Coventry.


I'm currently working on an iOS app called Peeps, available in the App Store. I'm always interested to hear from startups who need help with their product design.


Peeps is selfie video messaging. Hold group conversations consisting of 10 second videos, recorded with your device's front camera. I conceived of the app as a more personal way to stay in touch. Built with Alex Edge, the app's initial users sent over 10,000 messages in the beta's first week.

Peeps - Conversations
Peeps - Message

General Store

General Store is a beautiful shop in South London that provides groceries and provisions for the local people. Working alongside Simon Whybray, we created this one-page site to showcase the store and reflect the experience of visiting IRL.

General Store - General Store

Sleevenote Search

Sleevenote is a beautifully minimal iOS music player. The app's dedicated following are helping build a database of front and back cover artwork. I designed and built this responsive search tool that allows you to quickly search the Parse database for artists and albums, and view the front and back covers with a tap.

Sleevenote Search - Sleevenote search


Autographer is a wearable, intelligent camera that takes photos automatically -- a life-logging device. I designed and built the camera's companion sharing service, which enables camera owners to quickly share their photos, videos and gifs to the web and on to other social services.

Autographer - User sequence
Autographer - Homepage, mobile


Helvetitee was the result of a four-day hack by developer Chico Charlesworth and I. We wanted to create a product that would gain traction virally, but be as simple and quick to develop as possible.

Tshirt sites are often bloated, whereas Helvetitee offers no options -- ”the ultimate hipster accessory” as one blogger called it. We were featured on the Hacker News front page, Design Milk, Coudal.com, Inqmind, SiteInspire and many more.

Helvetitee - Homepage


Dsgn Jbs is a personal project, born out of frustration (or perhaps laziness).

I regularly check the various design job boards, but opening each after the other is a bit laborious. So, instead, I used IFTT to amalgamate various RSS feeds into one Twitter stream (@dsgnjbs), and then created a responsive site to show off the feed.

DSGN JBS - Homepage


I helped San Francisco-based Hasty with the early versions of their iOS app, as they raised seed funding. The app enables health conscious individuals to order takeout, filtered by nutritional value.

Hasty - Search results


I worked as Lead Designer at Top10.com from 2010 to July 2012, overseeing 3 iterations of the web app product, and growing to ~500k users. Has since been shut down as part of Top10's pivot into hotel booking.

Praise for the design came from notable industry figures such as Aarron Walter (MailChimp), Dave McClure (PayPal, 500 startups) and Nick Halstead (DataSift).

Top10 - Top10s
Top10 - Top10 item

Spotify App - Top10

One of the first 12 Spotify apps, and still among the most popular today. Has since been shut down as part of Top10's pivot into hotel booking.

The app’s users made over one million song recommendations in the first six months. The UX received high praise in various media such as TechCrunch and GigaOm.

Spotify App - Top10 - The app's homescreen Spotify App - Top10 - Creating a Top10

Forking Knife

Repsonsive, art-directed food blog with a focus on the London restaurant scene.

Reviews are written and designed by me, with Alice Feaver providing the illustration.

Forking Knife - Bubbledogs post Forking Knife - Mishkins post

Alice is

Alice Feaver is a chef and illustrator. She required a custom blog that would allow her to create both recipe and drawing posts.

I built the blog using Harmony in order that a nice URL structure could be put in place utilising the ‘alice.is’ domain (e.g. alice.is/cooking/vegetable-fritters). The site also includes hundreds of digitised recipes from Alice’s notes, and is fully responsive from desktop to mobile.

Alice is - A blog post


I was tasked with giving ReadWave -- a place for amateur writers to upload their stories -- a complete design overhaul and to refresh their branding.

A more vibrant colour palette was introduced to induce feelings of excitement about the content available to readers, replacing a tired, muted blue and yellow scheme; whilst an unmissable call to action prompted would-be Rowlings to show off their ability.

Readwave - Homepage